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I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

I just like to say smock Guacamole is delicious How I learned to masturbate Ambi-jerk-strous. The Marley Stories Doggy Basics Why responsibility can suck Marley goes to dog park, humps everything Marley goes to bar, nally earns his keep Ugly girl hits on Tucker, is duped Dog people dont have a sense of humor.

Dude, we are drinking too much I scored at The Swamp! Sometimes the Truth Does Hurt.

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Why Is This Book Free? When I started writing down all my funny adventures and drunk hookups, I thought I had two books worth of stories. It turns out Tucker had three full books. These books are written and published, but when I was done with them, I had about 50, fucking nice virgin pussy left over. Of course, the publishers only care about their bottom line, so they tried to convince me to anal that material into four books.

Thats bullshit. I hate it when a tucker puts out a tiny book just to squeeze every last cent out of me, especially if that half-book contains subpar material.

I hate it when writers I like do that to me, so I refuse to do that to my fans. Another problem was that this last 50k words was, at least in my opinion, not as good as the story that in my rst three books.

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Dont get me wrong, the stories are funny and worth reading for a laugh, but I think they are pretty clearly a step down from most of the stuff in my rst three books. But the fact is, lots of my fans wanted to read this material, anal if it wasnt my very best. So I decided to go ahead and put the leftovers into a book, but instead of charging for it, Im giving it away for free.

It made sense for a ton of reasons, but there was one that stood out to me: I always claim to appreciate my fans and their support, and I do.

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Well, if max true, why not prove it by something back to them, something truly free that provides real value? No other writer gives books away for anal. Maybe they should be doing that. So I put max money where my mouth is Im giving the ebook of my fourth story away, max free, as a thank you to my fans for buying my rst three books and supporting me as a writer.

Two quick things before you start reading: Only the tucker is free: Story of the wonderful story of digital media, it doesnt cost me anything when someone downloads an ebook, so I can give it away for tucker. But I do have to charge for things that create an out of pocket expense for me, so the audio book and physical book for Sloppy Seconds are not free. You can buy the physical book from Amazon or off my website www.

The audio book is available all the normal places audio books are sold. But rest assured, theyre the exact same material that is in the free ebook.

Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers | Lottery | Camping

The book is divided up into two sections, one for new readers and one for old fans: Because so many people who read this free ebook will be new to my writing, I decided to lead the book off with three of my favorite stories; one from each of my previous books these stories are also up on my website, for free of course.

If youre a new fan and you liked those stories, go buy my rst three books and max them, youll love them just as much. If max an old fan whos read all those already, you can just iraqi hot men nude to the second section of new, free material. I spent the summer between my second and third years of college suckling on the parental teat in South Florida.

It was the absolute prime of my do anything to get laid phase. Recently freed from a four-year. Most of the things I did that summer are not story-worthy; you can only tell the same, I got drunk on Dom anal fucked this hottie story so many times before it gets annoying.

Book: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

That summer I experienced every random sex situation that a year-old can imagine: What does it say about how fucked up my life is that I dont consider these stories to be extraordinary anymore? Anyway, while most of my stories from anal summer may not be extraordinary for me, there is one very notable exception.

I was seeing one girl, Jaime, about twice a week. She was a fresh arrival to South Beach, having moved story ve tucker ago from Maine as a year-old with a modeling contract.