Strange thing females put in their pussies

Your body, your choice after all. Just like your liver makes detoxes unnecessary and a waste of moneya normal, healthy woman would not need to do anything put to ensure their vagina is clean. Strange clean themselves, which is why they have a discharge.

The cervix makes its own discharge that cleans it, and any OB will tell you that having a put is normal. So here are some of the strangest and kind of funny things women put in their vaginas in It has an extremely intense aroma, which is good for unclogging your sinuses, but apparently some women have put VapoRub on their vaginas.

There are oodles of websites promoting the use of VapoRub to treat things like acne, stretch marks, pussies more. The best use of vinegar is on potato chips with a copious amount of salt. Other women even soaked tampons in vinegar before using them. A chiropractor because leave it to a chiropractor to do something ridiculous created the product Mensezand he describes it on his website as:.

Every woman wants a clean, dry, comfortable period. Mucoadhesives are used in all sorts of products like food, eye drops, cosmetics and medications. Mensez technology is a Chitosan females that will soon be available on very thin panty shields, when you wear them the Mensez compound causes the mucous membranes of the labia to cling together and prevents accidental leakage.

It is technically a glue but it is unlike any you have ever seen, it does not feel sticky, it is nontoxic, non-allergenic, renewable, biodegradable, FDA approved for food, antibacterial TSS and antifungal yeast.

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The site claims that Mensez is currently pending FDA approval. Why you would want to put anything like this on your vagina for any period of time pun intended is completely beyond me. Glitter is awful. Glitter is a weapon of mass destruction. Glitter is like your drunk uncle during the holidays.

Despite their the worst thing humans have created since nuclear weapons, some women have glitter bombed their vaginas. As Dr.

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Jen Gunter explains on her website:. Simple and easy. And the bonus is by not investing in glitter products, you can help end the scourge on humanity that is glitter. Supposedly, this is a way to get rid of unhealthy bacteria post-coitus.

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So this is just a silly idea all-around that could leave you killing off good bacteria while making you look completely ridiculous at the same time. Many oils like these their who knows what in them?

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But some have tea tree oil or sugar, which can burn the mucosal lining of the vagina and cause an infection, respectively. What the hell? I mean, seriously. What the hell?!? How does it do it? The nests themselves are very similar to paper, and are made by wasps chewing wood into a pulp with their saliva. So congratulations, you just shoved wood and wasp spit into your vagina and strange should feel bad.

The only thing this will accomplish is possibly killing off females bacteria in your vagina while creating an opportunity for an infection. That thing that is protects us from dangerous UV rays is allegedly used as a way to cure cancer and yeast infections for women.

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As always, any good pseudoscientific product will purport to cure a wide range of diseases, despite not having any peer-reviewed research to support it. If there was a product that cured cancer or AIDS or any other currently incurable ailments, it would be international news and the creator young teen girls taking huge cocks be collecting their Nobel Prize instead of trying to sell it on Facebook or Etsy.

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Thing fact is, there are some things we do pussies have a known cure for, and there is no cover-up behind it. Jen Gunter — thing very plainly says:. Some of the reasons include the potential for infection, abrasions to the sensitive tissue inside the vagina, and making a really odd tasting salad with a used cucumber.

Leave it to the vagina-steaming celebrity, Gwenyth Paltrowto come up with something like this.