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Inthe Parliament of Canada passed an amendment to the Criminal Code of Canada expressly prohibiting all forms of female genital mutilation in Canada. Under the code, it is prohibited to aid, seen or counsel girls assault and to interfere with genitalia for nonmedical reasons. Moreover, the amendment expressly prohibits the transport of a child outside of Canada for the purpose of obtaining female genital mutilation.

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One could conclude from this that female genital mutilation is not performed in Canada, or that new Canadians, on their visits back to countries where this is practised, do not experience female genital mutilation. But we should not discount the possibility that the practice continues behind closed doors, as seems to be the case in a number of Western countries that have similarly banned the practice for years, yet have only recently seen charges being laid.

At a minimum, this practice interferes with the female experience of sexual intercourse and childbirth. The physical, psychological, sexual and socially harmful effects of female genital mutilation have been well-documented, including sex risk of death to infants and girls. Dhanuon Dharmasena under the act. Dharmasena was recently found not guilty. Australia began prosecuting cases of denise boutte naked having sex genital mutilation naked black thin girls virgina As in the UK, there is anecdotal evidence in Australia that the practice is common, coming to light occasionally when medical complications arise.

Ina Danish case resulted in a two-year sentence for a mother who allowed her daughters sex be subjected to female genital mutilation during a stay in Sudan. France, which has a very similar criminal law to Canada concerning female genital mutilation, has successfully prosecuted more than 40 cases. Given the experience of other countries with immigration profiles similar to Canada, it would be naive to assume that Canadian girls are safe from the practice of kate beckinsale nude video mutilation.

Moreover, Canada has a high rate of immigration, with the highest proportion of foreign-born populations among the G8 countries. Canada receives immigrants who have undergone the practice in their countries of origin, and physicians are advised on how to treat medical problems stemming from the procedure.

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Other Western countries are actively taking measures to prevent this practice. Girls for female genital mutilation are sensitive because they may require a girl to implicate her own parents in a crime, and it is difficult to obtain reliable evidence of a crime carried out abroad.

However, it is likely that we are not doing enough to protect girls and women who are at risk of undergoing this procedure that is outlawed in Canada. It is time that we take proper steps to prevent female genital mutilation, such as those initiated by other countries with similar immigration profiles. Female genital mutilation has been banned in Canada since Other Western countries that have also long banned the practice have recently seen prosecutions, but there have been no prosecutions in Canada.


A number of countries are taking proactive measures to prevent canadine practice; Canada should consider adopting preventive measures as well. Competing interests: None declared. This article has been peer reviewed.

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Canada’s response to female genital mutilation: Are we failing our girls?

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