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It may seem obvious: Paintings of helen mirren naked fakes women stir a ton of controversy in Afghanistan, where the Taliban still fights for the power to voyuer hit a radical form of Islamic law. Yet, paintings of fully exposed female figures—no burkas, no boundaries—are being shown in Kabul at the Shamama Contemporary Arts Gallery, a woman-owned space that opened last year to celebrate Afghan nude artists.

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Nevertheless, these days, women artists in Afghanistan have more to worry about than the reproach of mullahs. Instead of being accused of being anti-Islam, they can be accused of being antinationalist. Earlier this year, artist Kubra Khademi donned a metal suit exaggerating her bosom and body and walked through the streets of Kabul—where she was greeted by an angry mob of men who forced her into hiding.

Critics accused her of, among other photo, pulling the women to get a visa to go to Europe, the Post reports. One such artist, year-old Farah, told the Post that she has afganistan such intention—she wants to stay in Afghanistan and paint what she wants: I am a strong Afghan girl, and I will never stop working because other people are ignorant.

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