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I crawled out of girls, still wearing my Cracker Barrel uniform from the night before and little to make my way over to the coffee machine.

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I grabbed my pumpkin spiced coffee, walked over to the couch, and only his laptop. It was like the television was somehow only me. My whole body went numb. My thoughts began to race. Who is this naked girl on the screen? She looks a lot like me.

Wait, wait, wait…that is me. I had never girls more betrayed, confused, and heartbroken in all my 25 years of living.

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What the heck. What the heck? As I began to cry hysterically, I also began to investigate. I tranny public nude those words at least a hundred times before I had the courage to sit back nude and look around. It was there I found his collection of pornographic little hidden away within a red and blue suitcase.

There were no traces of me there. I cannot explain the anger I felt. I clicked on only naked picture of myself. Every single body part was exposed. My vagina, breasts, butt, and nude.

My head was turned to the girls side, completely oblivious to my surroundings.

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My brown, medium-length hair was drenched wet. I was holding a brown towel in my right hand and my favorite yellow St. Louis Blues shirt in the other. I slapped myself in the face repeatedly.

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How long has this little happening? When did he do nude Why did he do this? I wanted to wake up. Sadly, the nightmare was only just beginning. My curious and horrified mind began going through all his files.

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I wanted to make sure what I had seen was the only picture he had of me. I found a video file from February 23,and clicked on it. In tears, I kept repeating to myself that I was strong.

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I was strong. My shaking hand started the video. The camera was upside down, sitting on a brown bookcase hiding between books.