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In a naked display of solidarity, 40 Women women recently took off their clothes to support an embattled young Egyptian woman who is under fire for posting a nude photograph of herself online.

The Egyptian woman, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 20, posted the picture and allowed it to be put on Twitter in order vedio protest sexism and the oppression egyptian women in Egypt. She told CNN that she did it because:. In Egypt, conservatives and Islamists demonized her, and the left disowned her, stating emphatically that she has no connection to the liberation movement responsible for the overthrowing of Mubarak.

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Lawsuits have been vedio against her and there has been political pressure egyptian the government to prosecute her criminally as well. These events highlight the question as to whether displaying the female body provocatively an effective retort to religious fundamentalists who would shroud all women in public.

Doing so is certainly a natural reaction — fight against those who would hide nude and their sexuality by putting it on display.

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And there is certainly a school of feminism that clearly believes that such actions play into the hands of men who would exploit such images of young beach seks picture and use them to degrade them, and that women are best fighting for their rights and dignity with their clothes on. The Sisterhood.

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