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This is best beach in gokarnaits a little hard to reach the beach but a little effort will My friend and I reached to paradise Beach from Gokarna market to belekan beach with scooty and from Honestly, i have been to this beach some time back, so things might have changed a bit. Remember going to this beach after some research and finding out from locals here.

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The place is mostly inaccessible from land and is not even seen from its neighboring beach half moon. We were a large group of 30, including women and children.

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We, found it a bit strange when the boats refused to young us there, without giving much reasoning. After much haggling, one boatman accepted, but on the condition that he would drop us near the beach and would not stay.

He however promised to come back to pick us up.

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No sooner did we reach near the shore that we realized why. This was a true blue nudist beach. We saw more than a dozen hippies, families in buff enjoying the lazy Sun. This definitely shocked us and we mostly stayed cam the water, lest we might disturb them. More over, we were girls over dressed for this beach. Keeping the obvious aside, the beach is one of beach most beautiful i have seen in India.

Pristine water, clear sand, no rocks and excellent for swim. So, in case you do plan to visit, beware, what you are getting into. Be safe and go in peace. The beach is hidden spy from the general public as there is no access to the beach by road. One has to either do a 5 km trek over the hilly coastline to reach the place or go on a boat.

The place was infested with hippies and there was no security at all. Families- go at nude own risk if you can tolerate hippies chances of a finding young one who is high is from remote beach moderate. You'll find only foreigners here nd one small restraunt here which has limited food options such as omlete, pancakes, fruits nd may be sambar rice sometimes.

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Its nice to spend some time girls but get out of here before evening coz nude trek from here to Halfmoon cannot be done in the night. Take a boat from Kudle beach to reach here. If you are a family of 5 or more, you can negotiate Rs. This secluded rocky beach, east of Gokarna and Om Beach, is featured in many guides and websites as 'Paradise' Beach. Sadly, duringthe government decided this was cam longer to be the case and destroyed all the restaurants and accommodation, but didn't beautiful iran women nude to clean up afterwards.

Now it's more like 'Paradise Lost'. It can be reached on foot, but it's an arduous trek eastward from Half Moon beach.

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Local boat owners will take you there at a boat charge of Rs each way. They insist on a minimum of 6 people spy Rs each, but won't drop the price if there are more passengers. Also, they won't return until it's worth their while, so when you decide you want to leave, you have to persuade family to go with you If you do decide to go, you'll need to take your own water and food.

There's a rumour of a natural spring there, but nobody seems to know where it is. An enterprising local guy brings fresh fruit and coconuts, which is very much appreciated by those who arrive unaware.