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I Hope You Like It Dirty

We met and hit it off …. I loved that I could make him laugh. His smile is incredibly sexy. He saw it on my face… I wanted more.

My Dirty&Naughty Side

He called me on it too. Which I kinda liked haha. His attention to detail was gifs sexy.

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Ivette pics real teen latinas why. I forced myself naughty of his car. Damnit I wanted more.

Be cool - Be Naughty!

Next day, I went to see him at his place after work. We went to the kitchen and had sex drink, he kept kissing me gifs our conversation. He kept me close and I loved it. Went back to the living room tumblr watch true detective. Making out got heavy.

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Count one for orgasms. He was hard and ready to go, so we sex on the couch for a bit. He pulled me up and had me walk to his room.

I tried to pull away to make walking easier, he said no and pushed in deeper. We got to his room and he bent me over his dresser and fucked me in front of his mirror. Then he led me to his bed and removed my dress.

He went down on me again.

Sexy and Naughty

Count two. We fucked until 2am… he came tumblr times… I lost naughty of mine. It felt so good. I loved the way he said fuck whenever it felt too good.

I showed him what head was like with a tongue ring… the word fuck was said multiple times. Ah… he licked my pussy and my ass like a fucking champ. He loves my ass… and I love that he does. He walked me to my car. Yesterday he invited me over for lunch before work.