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I don't think you should. You're not married, so he has not promised to 'keep thee only unto her' so long as their both shall boyfriends. Just take your time and decide what you want to do based on this information.

If it's important to you that your boyfriend not sext other girls or masturbate to naked naked, tiffany towers sexy pornstar you should probably break up with him, and look for a new boyfriend when you are emotionally ready.

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If, and when, you are both ready to be married, you both need to communicate with the other what that means. For most people, it does mean exclusivity. Many people believe this should include not looking at pornography. If you bring it up, you will not be changing your boyfriend's attitude and what he wants to do.

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You may change his behavior by getting him to stop looking pictures these photos, but you will not have changed how he feels about you or this type of behavior. You may simply taken him to be more careful about deleting the photos or hiding them. It's my opinion that nothing positive will be gained by having a conversation about this. If he says, 'I won't do that anymore', why would you believe him?

Even if he doesn't do it anymore, won't you feel warm and cared for knowing he'd prefer to do that? In addition, you will have to tell him that you snooped in his phone.

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He won't trust you. If you're going to have this conversation, just be direct.

'My boyfriend keeps taking naked photos of me without consent - should I leave him?'

Say, 'I snooped in your phone and found naked pictures of girls. Girls seem to remember a Quora question from 30 years ago: How should I bring this up? Many men like to look at pictures of naked women.

What do you want him to say?

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What would be the point? If the fact that he has a couple of Playboy magazines hidden behind his wardrobe is a deal breaker, dump him. If its not, shut up about it. This relationship seems doomed to me. Those photos may just be screen grabs from google.

Woman shared naked photos of boyfriend's ex after finding them on his phone | Metro News

If this bothers you then you should just move on. Or you could dismiss it and be naked together.

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Be naked with your friends. Be naked all the time.