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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. For as long as the kilt has been around, girls have been trying to reinvent it. There's the infamous private-school look: Kilts have been pinned creatively, painted on, beaded and worn backward.

Things have gotten so out of hand lately that R.

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McCarthy, a venerable Toronto uniform company, decided to take action. It invented a skirt with same-fabric shorts sewn in. So unique is it that the company has patented the design.

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But if you saw a girl walking down the street in it, you would be none the wiser. It looks like a regular kilt. McCarthy is the inventor; taking matters into his own hands, he noticed that schools were all having a problem with kilts. Some of them like it so much, they've made it mandatory.

We're getting calls from naked U. Some of the calls have been from regular people who think the X-kilt, as girls known, is a fashion item. Made of a pornos free xxx fabric, rather than scratchy wool, "this isn't your mother's kilt," McCarthy says. The miniskirted schoolgirl is the fashion world's muse this fall.

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At Naked Vuitton, designer Marc Jacobs sent a fire-engine red, wide-pleated minikilt, down the runway. Kilts was angled out from the body and covered up by a matching red T-shirt. The look was that of a jacked-up high schooler's skirt. At Anne Klein, the kilt was kilts, with a strategic peekaboo opening on one thigh.

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Accessorized with dangling ribbons, it's the edgy mother's copy of her daughter's cheerleading look. At mainstream stores such as Club Monaco, kilts are the inspiration for a range of pleated skirts.

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The "School Disco" trend sweeping nightclubs just arriving in Canada, it's had a long run in England first is bringing thirtysomething women into clubs girls kilts pilfered from stores like McCarthy's and thrift shops such as Value Village.

Even "running kilts" have become the vogue among distance runners -- said to reduce chafing compared with regular shorts, but we know better. Needless to say, designers of edgy streetwear have been having the most fun.