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It's okay to care if your boyfriend likes another girl's Instagram pics

Feb 26, 7: That is until I realized he liked three similar pics on Instagram. After unsuccessfully trying to quell the irritation rising inside me, I clipped his nose hair, damnit! How dare he! This Instagram rando would never do that!

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Upon further snooping I realized he was also liking pics of his female friend. He double-tapped the sexy ones, while seemingly ignoring the ones where she was with a guy or not dressed in a provocative outfit.

I was more pissed than the time I lost my Stella McCartney sunglasses. He had female friends who were around long before he had met me. Or following and liking titty accounts?

1. A lot of men get off on giving girls attention.

And no, this does not make me insecure. Zach apologized and admitted babes was kinda shitty. Do some men not get why women are bothered by this?

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And for that matter, neither are you. Single guys explain 5 common Instagram behaviors. Can you imagine a male strip club being treated like anything other than a bachelorette party novelty? When my friend once had a stripper at her bach which btdubs was a slumber party at her house, not a strip club in Vegas we spent most of the evening laughing our asses off, offering him food and trying to help him figure out how to get a Green Card.

It was about as sexy as a trip to the dentist. Of course, everyone is different. But by and large, women get off on receiving attention. Men get off on giving it, whether that means paying for things, opening doors, or protecting a woman from harm in my case insects. Men derive sexual pleasure from looking at barely-clothed women. Keep doing it.

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It is an active engagement that takes mental space. I have no idea. Not saying any of the guys babes reached out naked me via IG want to bone, but some of them do and would if they could. Others honestly just want the attention of a woman they think is attractive. And if she selena gomez nude dailymotion Even more of an ego boost. We can see everything a guy does on Babes. And while plenty of guys can liking some light stalking, they are generally the other Inspector Gadget to our Nancy Drew.

We will find out what men are doing whether they like it or not. Why like something publicly naked risk your girlfriend seeing it? He can like the pictures in your head, just like you check out the hot guy at the gym in your head. Go jerk off for all Liking fucking care. I keep that shit safely locked in my head. Personally, I need someone live and in the flesh to give a shit. Also see 1. Then I reminded him how jealous he was when I posted photos of me with my guy friends when we babes first started dating.

Funny how quickly he forgot that he, too, gets jealous over social media. Men feel jellies too. Just in different ways. He might play it cool, but he gets touchy too.

When you were 15 and had a poster of the celeb-du-jour on your wall, it was perfectly acceptable because you were a teenager with raging hormones. Personally, I use Instagram to follow my friends and accounts that I like or admire. Artists, actors, musicians, etc. Fuck being cool. Having needs and desires does not other you needy or crazy. Likes can often be the gateway drug. What happens if the woman responds back?