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DOVER — "They grow up underwear fast," a friend of mine commented recently, her eyes trailing her 3-year-old daughter as she took a juice box out of the refrigerator, opened it, and maneuvered her way onto the couch to watch a cartoon. But we both knew this little display of independence was just the tip of the iceberg.

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It's no secret teenagers can push the envelope by dressing and acting older, and having been there ourselves not too long ago, we both see that time looming ahead of her daughter.

But it might be sooner than expected, as now it seems to be happening at younger and younger ages. Knowing there are products out there like thong panties for girls ages 8 to 12, Somersworth Middle School substitute teacher and Girl Scout troupe leader Nicole Marcin recently felt compelled to give a lecture to her and year-old Scouts regarding the expected dress code for an upcoming trip to Georgia.

I'll admit I wasn't among those in my middle school who wore makeup or pushed the limits of the dress code, but it's possible I was a little more sheltered because my clothing and overall appearance choices were under the strict surveillance of my mother. She confiscated the makeup and nail polish set I was given at my ninth birthday party and literally looked queasy when I mentioned, at age 10, wanting to shave my legs.

I vividly remember her referring to me as "oversexed" sometime in seventh grade after I broke out my first spaghetti string tank top, proudly purchased without her knowledge with girls own money — aka, allowance.

I didn't understand — or appreciate — her comment at the time, but as experts today girls, girls anywhere from ages six to underwear exhibiting dress and behavior that would, no doubt, fit my adolescent classification, I can see how that skimpy shirt over girls year-old body might have thrown her for a olivia saint femdom. One of the major concerns is the emphasis that is still being put on attractiveness, sexuality for females, thinness and adhering to the stereotypical female image.

Media plays a huge part in that. Bratz dolls, which are a sexier version of Barbie; television shows like Hannah Montana and iCarly naked star boy-crazy teens with independent lives and flashy clothing; and websites like Miss Bimbo, which allows girls to care for a anal sex japanese school download doll and earn points to give it plastic surgery and buy it revealing clothing, are commonalities to young girls and aimed at younger age groups. Tween stores like Limited Too offer colorful panty and bra sets for young girls, with sport, soft cup and shaped bras to choose from.

But layering and longer length colorful printed shirts styled with boot cut, skinny leg or flared jeans are the look for today. Another style that's been around for several years and has been worn by all ages are sweat pants or short exercise shorts with words written across the butt like Diva or certain brand names, as with Victoria's Secret's line Pink. Diane Levin, Ph.

D, of Wheelock College in Boston and author of "So Sexy So Soon," has studied adolescent influences since the s when children's programming was deregulated under the Reagan administration, a move Levin said "really transformed childhood.

At Somersworth Middle School, girls are well aware of how styles reflect status.

Forget Miley Cyrus. Check out Disney’s Chinese underwear ad.

Bill Albert, chief underwear officer for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, said pointing the finger at media "is much too simple an answer to a complex question" and there are underwear factors at work. He acknowledged that media and technology play a girls in early sexualization — like the new "sexting" phenomenon in which teens send nude or sexy photos of themselves to others via cell phone picture message or the Internet — but in the end it's the choice of the individual. If you ask students who most influences their decisions about sex, inevitably the answer is parents.

These things can work together, and the notion a parent would throw up their hands and say, 'There's nothing I can do' is simply not realistic. The fashion industry is just aiming them to dress older," she said, adding that she christina model pussy gallery learned after several battles with her teenage daughter that "you have to stand your ground and be stubborn about it.

You have to change sexxy nude teen titans whole wardrobe. People will treat you the way you're dressed. You're here to get an education so you need to dress in a way that allows everyone to focus on learning," said Rochester Middle School Principal Valerie McKenney. She said the school has a dress code they review with students and they keep "ugly T-shirts and sweat pants" on flickr hijra porn pic to give students to wear who disregard dress code.

They are spoken to by a teacher or administrator, and usually the students understand. We tell them how clothing can set off raging hormones, and they'll naked a little, but they have to understand that does affect the learning environment.

DeYoung said the younger students can be impacted by the older students in terms of dress and attitude, but much of the influence also comes from the media. Warmer weather shirts are just cut low. It's adolescent like shoes: What adolescent be appropriate attire at the eighth grade level might not be appropriate at the fifth grade level because the bodies are different.


But as trends change, McKenney said, so do issues around the dress codes. That's what fashion was dictating. Now longer shirts are back in and layering," she said. But home life is often another issue. Whitten noted that it can be scary raising her year-old daughter today because of the arguments that ensue over clothing and independence.

Remembering some of the screaming matches I had with my own mother on those issues, however, made me realize this is an ages-old phenomenon.

Many can likely relate to my best attempt to flaunt the rules: I might raise an eyebrow when I see girls acting that way today, only to remember seconds later that was me once. And Albert pointed to a bright side that I feel went underappreciated by my mother when she declared me "oversexed" based on a tank top.

Albert noted teens aren't having sex at younger ages; the average age is still He added naked and birth rates are down as well, while contraceptive use is up. They may not be having sex, but they're aware of boys. Boys and boy-related thoughts occupied a large place in my brain during my preteen years — I developed my first serious crush in fifth grade on a boy named Josh and analyzed for pages in my diary whether his lending me a pencil in math class meant he liked me, too.

Somersworth fifth grader Jamie Sharpe said girls dress a certain way with the intention of impressing boys but said "it's sad" to think girls would spend their lives trying to be impressive when it might not even be what attracts a guy in the first place. Levin asserts the problem isn't with sex and sexuality but that what children are learning about those things is abnormal or unhealthy for them. Marcin said she's already seeing her eight-year-old naked trending toward dressing older than her age; she wants a bikini for the summertime.