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What we say, our achievements, opinions and self-determination continue to be brushed aside. We continue to be reduced to one-dimensional voiceless images. Kakar, a mother of six from southern Kandahar city, was girls first female graduate of the regional police academy. Photographer Lana Slezic claims that Britain First has used this image of Afghanistan's first nude videos of kimberly lansing police officer in their anti-burqa campaign without girls permission.

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Kakar was killed by the Taliban in Kakar had said: I want to wear it because it gives me advantages. Britain First, neud so many public voices chose to silence her even in death. Hip in a hijab: Muslim girls took my breath away. Muslim men need to up their marriage game. British Muslims don't need West's version of feminism, OK?

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Discrimination and hatred aimed at Muslim women for what they wear continues to be a real phenomenon and its effects can be fatal. When Nahid Neud, a Saudi student who wore the muslim and who had come to the UK to study was stabbed to death in a park in Colchesterpolice reported that one possible motive may have been anti-Muslim hatred. As one lead the police were pursuing this seemed entirely reasonable.

And yet still, certain parts of the media and political world were outraged: Muslim denial of reality is itself a form of oppression.

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Metropolitan Police figures show girls incidents of hate crime against Muslims rose from to in the year to Octoberand women are key targets because of their identifiable Islamic dress. A report based on data from the Office for Images Statistics' Labour Force Survey,also found that Muslim women were up to 65 per cent less likely to be employed than their white Christian counterparts. The report author said this was likely to be because of "growing Islamophobia and hostility" towards Muslims, meaning employers are discouraged from hiring them.

Over the summer, in Belgium, a senior diplomat decided to rip a face veil off a woman who approached him to ask directions. The face veil is illegal images Belgium, but it seemed a senior official felt it was perfectly fine to physically assault a Muslim woman. I suspect this incident only made the news because she happened to be a Qatari princess. In October in Paris, at La Traviata opera, the cast stopped mid performance when they saw a woman in a full-face veil.

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She happened to be a tourist from the Images on a visit to take in some French culture. They refused to carry on until she was removed from neud theatre.

Again, both muslim Muslim women were acting contrary to stereotype — one in Belgium happy to speak for herself to ask directions, and another enjoying Western high culture. However, their choices were reduced by vanessa hudgens nude naked scandal to nothing more than what they wear. The war over how we Muslim women look continues within the Muslim world too.