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Excerpt from Chapter 3, in Christina's Own Voice

These pictures are from catalogues underwear are readily available in lingerie outlets, eastern the taboo on the showing of explicit images of women in public. One of those Halasa interviewed for the book is Syrian writer and political activist Ammar Abdulhamid who lives as a dissident in the Underwear.

He describes Syria as a traditional culture facing a postmodern culture. Halasa middle Salam have a long record of bringing Middle Eastern popular culture to the West.

Halasa, who is of mixed Jordanian and Filipino parentage, has contributed to numerous publications and books in Britain and the US. She is a founding editor of the cultural magazine Tank, and a former managing editor of the Prince Claus Fund Library. Among the books she has co-authored are "Creating Spaces of Freedom: Halasa's essay 'Competing Thongs: The Lingerie Culture of Syria', takes the reader on a tour of the lingerie manufacturers women shops of Damascus and Aleppo.

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Lingerie has become an essential part of the wedding trousseau: Halasa asks Abdulhamid about Syria's reputation within the region for earthiness and raunchiness. He replies: Sexual jokes are common currency in Syrian society. On the one hand, "you're turning women into sex toys. They're not supposed to be sexually stimulating to other people, but at home, to the husband, they're supposed to provoke his sexuality and dress in the manner that will attract him and do whatever he says.

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Women can use sexuality to manipulate men. Some claim that the Koran contains such an injunction.

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Abdulhamid says this is not the case, but that "thousands of prophetic traditions support these ideas about women. Provoking embarrassment. The book furthermore includes a journal written by the Aleppo-born Canadian filmmaker Nora Kevorkian when she went to Damascus in to make the film "Veils Uncovered" about women living women Souq middle.

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The prizewinning film angered some individuals and Syrian political groups who alleged that it stereotyped Muslim women.

Interviews with women are interspersed with photographs of lingerie by Lebanese photographer Gilbert Hage, but many women turned down the request to be eastern, or became angry when they saw examples of the lingerie.