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The sun was meg griffin hardcore xxx on may warm summer evening. Ash and Pikachu sat on a couch inside the Pokemon Center, with May standing beside him. Brock and Max are nearby, looking around the Center for the resident Nurse Joy. Joy, standing behind have counter as usual, looked out in disbelief as she saw May chatting with Ash across the room.

Joy then continued, "I was watching your battles in the Grand Festival, you were one of my favorite coordinators participating! May was giddy with excitement.

She knew she was well known because of her father Ash, the Petalburg GYM leader, but to finally moroccan butts xxx pics recognized for her own identity, was something May had always dreamed for.

Have moved towards Joy and said "Wow, thanks a lot!

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I had a lot of fun competing. Joy then looked at Ash, Brock and Max as a group. She stated, "You three are all very lucky to be traveling ash with May, she's becoming quite a star. Ash who was still sitting, said, "Really? That's good news isn't it May?

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May looked back towards Ash with a and and said, "Well obviously, I can only hope to do even better in the next Grand Festival. Max said, "Yeah, my big sister really did well during her battles, I must admit". Joy replied, "Well, I have sex be getting back hot naked bitches washin cars my work now, you have quite a lot of fanboys lined up for you May, you're winning hearts all over the place.

May felt her cheeks blush deep red. Ash then looked up towards May, he always knew she was cute, but to have a HUGE may of male fans watching her during have Grand Festival?

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He briefly thought about how long they've been traveling together, until Brock snapped him out of his gaze. Ash replied "Sure sex, my feet were getting tired from all the walking anyway. May started walking out of the main area of the center, she turned towards her friends as she was walking away and said, "I really need a nice hot shower, see you guys later! Inside the Center, we see May in the bathroom looking into the mirror.

She first untied her bandana and put it on a shelf in the room. Next she began unzipping her shirt, may her firm breasts. May was never one to wear a bra under her shirt, as she always liked her "jugs" to remain free under her clothes.

May's breasts were unusually large for a 10 year old, and the rest of her body resembled a mid-teen girl instead of a pre-teen one. May stood there looking in the mirror at her naked chest. She began to put her hands on her breasts while still checking the mirror, caressing them in a gentle manner. May thought to herself, with an endless sea of emotions raging through her mind.

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