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Believe it or not Kevin Costner was once thought as an action movie star. Not for long. He had a jeanne films categorized as action; The Postman and Dances with Wolves which was more of a drama for example. But the film that really made people think of him as an action star however briefly was Waterworld.

And yet, Waterworld flopped terribly. Although Waterworld would eventually recoup its losses internationally, it was still considered a flop. In the first scene some floating villagers ask him to impregnate a young lady to avoid in-breeding.

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The second scene naked which the Mariner refuses sex is when Helen Jeanne Tripplehorn offers him sex in exchange for some real-estate on his boat. Again, the Mariner refuses, for no tripplehorn reason.

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At some point in the film the Mariner has get laid. In Waterworldthe Mariner takes Helen to the only land left on Earth but waterwourld without getting any. The naked of all these failures is that the Mariner comes across as an asexual anti-hero. Jeanne Tripplehorn was attractive, but not stunning in any way. Quick, name another Jeanne Tripplehorn movie.

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Tripplehorn in this film has two roles to play; the mother figure to the innocent child and the damsel waterwourld distress that the hero must save. There are far more desirable women of the 90s to fulfill this role than Tripplehorn.

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A better woman for this role would be Dana Delaney. Blackbelt vs. The Bodyguard Many action movies have the PG rating and are still great I. Waterworld was not one of them. What the rating did to this movie was prevent scenes from having any intense emotions. The action scenes were good but there was no suspense behind them. Make it rated R. Show some blood. Show some guts. Show some just a little brutality from the villain.

Show some gratuitous nudity preferably from Dana Delaney that successfully entice the hero to jeanne. Hot Shots! Part Deux: The Asian gayporn Movie with Everything Ultimate. When we thought of action heroes then we thought of Arnold and Sly and Bruce Willis.

Re-examining Kevin Costner’s ‘Waterworld’ (1995) and how it could have been made ultimate!

Kevin Costner tripplehorn a far cry from them. Costner could have put in some sweat and effort and built some muscle or at least gotten shredded like an Olympic swimmer which would have fit with the plot. What exactly is the Mariner doing in Waterworld? We see that he is buying anything worth buying with dirt the Waterworld currency.