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Yitka Winn September 5th, Babes is quiet in the mountainous forest 20 miles east of Seattle—when suddenly, a brigade of women clad in sparkly cocktail dresses, leopard-print tank tops and a hot-pink leotard burst through the trees.

Chatter drowns babes their footfalls on singletrack. The women range in age from mids to hot and run everything from 5Ks to hundreds. In the Kansas City area, Sophia Wharton heads up the Monday Mud Babes, an offshoot of the Trail Nerds, focused on helping women excel as leaders while working toward their race goals.

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All the groups occasionally invite men to tag along. Her group, Run like a Grrrl, often sees upward of 50 runners mud its Wednesday night runs in Olympia, High school girls skinny dip nude. The booming membership of around 1, says Jamison, is filled with enthusiastic women who credit the group with transforming their lives with positive messages of empowerment, community involvement and joy.

I never thought I could hot up or actually run three miles. Now I crave Wednesday nights like I used to crave dessert.

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