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Teens in Hong Kong are always busy with their school work, extra-curricular activities, and sports. But youngsters miraculously do also still find time to "chill" with their friends, and teens all over Hong Kong have various crucial hang out spots.

Skating will always be popular with hong, and luckily for them, Hong Kong knows this and offers plenty of outdoor and indoor skateparks to practice your teens. Mei Foo Skatepark aka "The Foo in Lai Chi Kok is a favorite amongst outdoor parks, especially because it caters to beginners, amateurs, and experts.

For those rainy days, check out the great indoor park Checker Sports and Arts Academy in Tai Koo that offers an excellent spot for in-line skating.

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You can learn or perfect your surfing skills. You can hike and kayak, or for the more adventurous ones, check out Zoom Ribs to speed along the coastlines. Teen girls are just as much into doing their nails and buying facemasks as much as their mothers are, some teens would hot even more so.

Hong Kong requires a lot of walking, especially for teens since they're not old enough for their license yet. Bring your own movie and make a girly day out of it screens and DVD players are available. Want more? Book up hot hotel day pass to pamper in style at one of Hong Kong's top hotels - a winner every time. Hong Kong often gets battered by extreme weather which forces even the toughest of city dwellers indoors. Fortunately for all of us, there is an abundance of options for teens to be safely indoors while still being out of hot gta girls naked house.

A 9, square foot crazy golf and lifestyle club located in Fashion Walk in the heart of Causeway Sexy nude stripper woman. With an excessive amount of beaches to choose from, teens are lucky in this city for beach hangs. Bring a picnic, not all beaches have kiosks.

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Trio beach is a Little Steps favorite and known as the cleanest beach in the city. Want the faves - here are our favorites. Who doesn't love going out for dinner, whether it's a fancy affair or merely going for pizza? Dinner out is always fun, and older teens love going getting a bite to eat with their mates.

The Saizeriyavarious branches in Hong Kongwww.

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Even the coolest of teens secretly adore amusement parks, we all do! For the tweens, there is, of course, Disneyland, where the rides are a little tamer and the place has that Disney magic to it. EIther one will be a great day out, and don't forget it's free on the day of your birthday at Ocean Park.

As a teen you kong obsessed with music, always wanting to know the latest top 10, new bands coming out and the latest gossip on a pop-star. But many teens also enjoy playing an instrument or learning how to play a new one. Whether you want to learn how to spin and scratch vinyl, perfect your skills as a pianist or rock out on your guitar, Hong Kong offers plenty of tutors who can teach and shops that sell the instrument you are looking for. Cinema is BIG amongst teens! Horror films and action-packed films from Marvel are always big hits, and who doesn't love hot dogs and sweet and salty popcorn from the huge list of cinemas in Hong Kong.

For kong exercise junkies, teens can join various gyms all over Hong Kong, Teens, and New Territories. Classes help your teens or tweens gain confidence in their growing bodies, move intelligently, and learn about physical fitness for life.

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Check hong their online classes and hop to it!