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An Albuquerque woman, Shari Walters, was caught by her roommate, Beverly Bradley, naked girls that are making out sex with the woman's pet German Shepherd in a shed on the property.

Bradley then went into the house sex Walters were done to confront her. Walters admitted to having sex with both of the pet German Shepherds multiple times shepherd the past.

Beverly Bradley then told her brother about the incident, who lived with live the women and was dating Walters.

1. Introduction

He broke up with her after because he said he couldn't date someone who would have sex with a dog. I'm going to go german and say I agree with the guy, although I wonder why he was dating her in the first place. The next women, Shari Walters was having dinner with her roommates when the man and woman both thought their water was cloudy, but still drank it.

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Walters then got upset when they weren't eating their food and attacked, admitting that she put rubbing alcohol in their water and toilet bowl cleaner in the food. She was upset that the boyfriend broke up with her over having sex with a dog. The man was and afraid that the dogs had contracted some diseases that Walters was known to have.

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The two dogs were taken to a veterinarian and had minor injuries from their ordeal but are going to be okay. The vet also mentioned that whatever diseases Walters has, would not be transmitted to the dogs. You can read more about the story at the KOAT website.

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