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One of the most legendary sexiest men in Hollywood got his photos hacked. Let me put it this way, he has more to offer than his signature high cheek bones. The man is packing some heat!

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Of course he did! He is the ultimate bad boyand what do ultimate bad boys hate?!

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The thriving actor leaped into movies in the s, and some of his biggest hits were Edward Scissorhands depp Cry-Baby. Since then some of his biggest film successes have been Sweeney Todd: To this day the 53 year old is still acting in movies and even producing them. He married Lori Anne Allison in and divorced her in One of his most famous courtships was with the lovely Winona Ryder.

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The actress was just seventeen when she johnny the 26 year old heart-throb in The headlines were obsessed with the hot couple, and as always, with their public demise in Their relationship ended in June Most recently he was married to the beautiful actress Amber Heard from February to May The investigation into his leaked private pictures are still on going.

Of course, there are rumors, but we naked confirm them. Some say it was a pissed off ex who shared them skinny hot midget nude pics the web for revenge.

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Get foto for the unforgettable bare photos of your favorite celebrity obsession…. Skip to content One of the most legendary sexiest men in Hollywood got his photos hacked.

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