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Code Geass - Kallen Gets A Call From Zero (HD)

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You get used girls such eccentric hues of hair or eyes in anime. Sleeping porn thumb doctor assume that all anime, no matter how mundane or apparently based in our world, actually exists in an unspoken alternate history where Japan, somewhat like the United States, opened itself up to large-scale immigration, but that the European or mixed population has otherwise assimilated to Japanese culture.

Also in fairness, Code Geass is actually set in an alternate history, in which Japan has been conquered by the Holy Britannian Empire, which is so dismissive of the conquered country that it has renamed Japan as Area 11 and the Japanese accordingly as Elevens.

This being anime, the war-winning weapon is of course humongous mecha code, known as Armored Knights or Knightmare frames, given the deliberately retro-futuristic tone of the Empire.

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All of which would have just amounted to a hissy fit in his palatial estate and prestige high school Ashford Academy, but for the Geass power given to him by the mysterious CC.

CC is a pseudonym, as her real name is never revealed to the audience although she does tell Lelouch. By pure coincidence, Lelouch, while half-assing it around with the Japanese rebellion, rescues her as a captive from some sort of mysterious pod from some equally mysterious Britannian research project or something.

Her name and origin remains mysterious, as is the power and its source that she bestows upon Lelouch — the Geass power.

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Presumably it derives naked name from the Celtic geas, a magical taboo in the form of obligation or prohibition, as it is somewhat similar, at least in the form possessed by Lelouch — he has the power to give irresistible commands, but can only ever do so once for each person. Armed with this power, he hams it up as the masked vigilante Zero, akin to a Japanese V for Vendetta, but also leader of the so-called Black Knights rebellion, who use captured mecha suits. As for CC, she spends most of her time lounging around his estate, wearing his shirts and not much else while eating geass as a running gag — from Pizza Hut, which has somehow remained the same in this alternate history perhaps because Pizza Hut sponsored the anime.

No seriously, most anime is set in some school or other. Despite her apparent familiarity with Lelouch, he never becomes attached to her or any of the female castpresumably because he is too caught up with his, ahem, best friend, Geass — ironically a Japanese national but Empire loyalist.

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It just seems that way and girls arguably be much cooler if they were. In fairness, the girl can rock a straitjacket. Although…the girl can also rock her weird pseudo-aristocratic Black Knights uniform, complete with hot pants and thigh high white boots. Her names originate in that she is half-Britannian and half-Japanese, although fortunately has the privileged status of her Britannian father.

However, like Lelouch, she is disaffected with the Britannian empire due to the poor treatment of her Japanese mother and joins the Black Knights Rebellion, while posing as a sickly student at Ashford Academy — because, being anime, most of the main code are students and indeed students at the same school.

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Kallen was quite the action girl, being the ace pilot of the Black Knights. So naturally they ramped up her other, ahattributes for the fans — with close-ups of her posterior while climbing in and out of her mecha suit leading to a fan meme Code Ge-ASS. And of naked, she had an undercover mission in a Playboy bunny suit — which like Pizza Hut also survived the transition between alternate histories, although I like to think of Playboy bunny suits and bunnies as something of a universal or mutiversal constant.

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