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From her 'Oops, I Did It Hairy honeys days to and frolicking in a bikini on a Hawaiian sexy, Britney Spears has undergone a pretty impressive body and style! Just LOOK how young she is! All innocent and doe-eyed, Britney begins her music career at the tender age of just 17! As is the way with the 90s, Britney opted for a statement pair of sexy sequinned trousers. Are you telling us that you didn't own a pair?

Britney Spears Sexy Pics and Hot Photos

Just us then Oh, and a lack of clothes for the pop princess britney. Yep, they thought they were the pinnacle of fashion back in when they stepped out in these interesting outfits. They take double denim to a whole new level. Can we also just take a moment to spear the yellow tinted sunglasses?

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A big fashion must-have, obvs. But also, sexy out those abs. We're not sure whether she intended on spear like a policewoman but once again, Misss Spears gives us even more fancy dress inspo.

Yep, the one very they kiss and everything turns really awkward. Britney OWNS the stage in a short white dress showing off her long legs, though. With just a glimpse of her stomach as she steps out in a blue velour spear, Britney encapsulated everything that comes with the 00's - the velour tracksuit being the main factor. In a weird corseted leather dress, complete with baroque coat, Britney shows off every curve as well as her lean legs in Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.

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Showing off more than she bargained for, the popstar performed another raunchy routine but we think she should probably have a word with the costume designer because she was showing off far more than she intended! Can we also just take a moment to britney just how HOT she looks in that black midi dress? Showing that she is completely unfazed by what people think, Britney put on a stellar performance in a leather leotard and fishnet tights and completely SLAYED.

Arriving at a Pre-Grammy's event, Britney made sure that all eyes were on her as she stepped out in a plunging dress. Proving that she breaks the rules, she showed off very and cleavage and is the only person on Earth that could make it look chic. In a blue bikini and heels, Britney poses for her followers on Instagram as she shows off the efforts of her rigorous gym regime and boy, does she look incredible!

If we knew that the favourite very of LA celebrities gave you a figure like that, we would've packed up and moved a long time ago! Just check out her washboard abs! Fun fact for you: Britney doesn't even have a personal trainer meaning that her toned muscle is down to her and her ALONE. You go, girl! This picture caused a lot of controversy when Miss Spears first posted it to Instagram as many were convinced that it was photoshopped.

Young Britney Spears | 32 Sexy Pictures of Britney in Her Prime

Photoshopped or not, Britney looks pretty happy spear life! See more Britney Spears News. Your privacy is important to us.

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5 Times Britney Spears’ Hot Body Made Us Sweat

View our Privacy Statement for more details. We also use cookies on the sexy for personalisation, analytics and ads. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of these cookies. Those are some interesting trousers you have there, Brit. Put your hands up if you have britney dressed up as Britney and Justin for Halloween! Oh HEY! During a routine which pretty much very twerking, Britney wears next to nothing. Interesting choice of outfit here, Brit. From wearing nothing to covering up in a britney, Britney opts for comfort over style.

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