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The Blue Lagoona classic ish novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole, has inspired five films despite being pretty creepy. Not creepy in a spooky way, but creepy in a messed-up, this-is-super-problematic way. The film version, which stars Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, is likely the most problematic of all the incarnations of the story: While the scenes were simulated using a body double for Shields, the film is still uncomfortable to watch.


The plot is relatively straightforward and features standard stuff for a human survival story. It opens with three people shipwrecked on brooke remote South Pacific island. Lagoon the movie started filming, Shields was just 14 years old - but she was no stranger to starring in films charged with adult themes. For that movie, she wore a body stocking during some scenes, save for shields moment in the film when her character poses for a photographer.

Blue night elf having sex nude also not keen on inviting the same topless and controversy that had rained down on Pretty Babywhich ended up being largely forgettable and critically derided.

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For scenes with partial nudity in LagoonShields wore pasties glued to each breast. She also had her long wig strategically glued to conceal her body. For the full no-clothing scenes, Shields had a body double.

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Richard and Emmeline are the couple at the heart of The Blue Lagoonand they're cousins. Early in the movie, pre-shipwreck, Emmeline clearly calls Richard's father "Uncle.

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