Angelina jolie mr and mrs smith sex scene

Then came Hottest naked brazilian girls. Smith Brad was cast opposite Angelina Jolie. Instantly, rumour mills started churning an affair, which became even more apparent when Pitt and Pornokasero got mrs in This was the same year when Mr.

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Smith released. It's been 14 years since the movie came out June 10, and the biggest And power couple of all time - Brangelina scene born! Amidst the now divorce battle between Brad and Jolie, here's an interview excerpt of director Doug Liman, who spoke about the infamous sex scene in his film.

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While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Angelina was asked about speculations that the sex sequence was trimmed because of the rise of Brangelina in the tabloids. To this, Doug revealed that in a conversation with Regency head-honcho Dave Matalon, they discussed the kind of music to be played during the scene.

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Doug wanted Mondo Bongo, being sung by Joe Strummer, as it was tribal which is sexy for him. A smith Dave responded that he is worried about the Jennifer Aniston fans. Dave had further shared that people might see the sex scene and think that is how Angeline seduced him hence, something sweeter musically over the sequence would be a better choice. Flashback Friday: Here's what Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie's one and only conversation was about.

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Just stop it people. Brad lied to Angie and led her to believe his marriage was over. Sex for dolly hens blaming Angie. Get over yourselves.